High school students perform "Hello, Dolly!"

High school students awed various audiences with their performances of “Hello, Dolly!” beginning Wednesday evening.  
“Hello, Dolly!” is a play about a widow named Dolly Levi, a matchmaker who ends up marrying Horace Vandergelder, a miserable half-a-millionaire.  

The play was directed by Stephanie Simmons, high school theatre director. Simmons shared that her very own “major musical debut” was as an ensemble member in “Hello, Dolly!” 

However, she explains this was not the reason that she chose the show as the winter musical, but rather because of the encouraging theme of the show. 

“I didn’t choose Hello, Dolly as our winter musical because I did the show in high school. I chose it because of its undeniably encouraging theme of ‘seizing the day.’”  

Simmons reflected on what a blast it was to watch all the elements of the show come together in what she defines as a “vibrant way” on stage.  

“My imagination from the past few months came to life right before me,” she explained. “I couldn't help but smile at the actors as they brought enthusiasm and authenticity to their roles.” 

Way to go, Wolf Players!