Lower school celebrates Christian Life Week

Lower school students, teachers, and parents celebrated Christian Life Week this week.  
Students learned from Christian wildlife educator, Peter Schriemer, also known as "America’s Nature Guy." An author, wildlife educator, media producer, and television host, Schriemer has a unique Christian perspective on the beauty and pattern of God’s design in nature.
Schriemer taught students about the importance of taking care of the Earth, reminding students that the Earth reflects God’s glory. He encouraged students to explore God’s creation and taught them about the essentials needed for exploration such as a backpack, a water bottle, a nature journal, and a Bible. 

"What better place to spend time in God’s word than in His creation,” stated Schriemer.  

Schriemer also taught students about the importance of holding a Biblical worldview and allowing this worldview to shape how they see the rest of the world. He showed students a video summarizing important events within the Bible and urged them to let these events shape how they view history and science. 

"If you’re looking through the lens of scripture, you will see things accurately,” stated Schriemer.
For example, Schriemer taught students that the story of Noah’s ark should influence what they believe to be true about animals and species. 

“All animals are descendants of Noah’s ark,” explained Schriemer.  

Thank you, Peter, for sharing your knowledge with the lower school and reminding us of the glory of creation and our call as believers to learn about the Earth God has gifted us with.