Fifth grade students complete their "how to" projects

Mr. Gregory’s fifth grade English students recently completed the “how to” project, which practiced compositional and public speaking skills and demonstrated the many passions of fifth grade students. 
Students were instructed to choose a specific proposal to explain “how to” create or do something challenging. Examples included “how to make an origami paper crane” and “how to bake chocolate chip cookies.”  

After selecting a topic, students wrote a one-page essay, and after a couple of rounds of revisions and edits, they presented their topics to the class. 

“The main objective of this project is to strengthen my students’ writing skills, and they are required to format their papers properly, include transition words, and utilize compound and complex sentences,” reflects John Gregory, middle school English teacher. “This project also builds my students’ confidence in formulating their ideas and presenting to their peers.” 

Way to go, fifth grade students!