Wesleyan alumni reconnect at the Alumni Christmas Party

On Thursday, Dec. 15, alumni, parents of alumni, faculty, and former faculty gathered for the Alumni Christmas Party at Factory Atlanta. This annual event allows the Wesleyan community to maintain important relationships. 
Wesleyan’s hope is that when students come to school here, it is the beginning of a lifelong relationship between them and the school. Events like the Alumni Christmas Party and the Alumni Easter Egg Hunt provide a consistent space to connect with a variety of alumni each year. 

“Nothing is more enjoyable than talking with our alumni and hearing about what God is doing in their lives in college and beyond,” states Chris Cleveland, head of school. “These conversations reflect the school’s desire to be a place built on relationships. The best time to catch up with alumni is at the Alumni Christmas Party, and I have never left that event feeling anything but encouraged about the work we do and more importantly, the work God is doing in and through us at Wesleyan School.”  

Furthermore, faculty and staff value the knowledge and context held by alumni. Points of reconnection are beneficial in maintaining an open dialogue about how to make Wesleyan the best it can be. 

“Alumni are a part of the community and speak into the work that is done to continue to make Wesleyan a better place for the students who are still here and those who will come. They are a valuable part of the continued growth that we seek to provide for our families,” says Jennifer Pinkett-Smith, director of diversity.  

The Christmas party reminds us that relationships are the primary way the school furthers the Christian mission. The faculty and staff selected to work at Wesleyan are those who want to invest in the lives of students and come alongside them as the Lord works in their life during their time at Wesleyan
and beyond.  

“For the vast majority of our faculty, relationships are their primary ministry. It's bigger than a job; it is a calling,” reflects Marc Khedouri, assistant head of school for advancement.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Christmas party! It was wonderful to hear about your successes as professionals, spouses, parents, and disciples of Christ.