First grade students celebrate "Christmases Around the World"

On Monday, Dec. 12, first grade students feasted on food from different countries around the world at “Christmases Around the World.” 
Leading up to the feast, students studied German, Mexican, and Italian Christmas traditions and customs.
“The joy of teaching this unit is that we get to help the children see that the birth of Christ is a gift for the whole world,” reflected Angie Daughtery, first grade teacher. 

Students enjoyed tres leches cake, gingerbread cookies, prosciutto, Mexican hot chocolate, spaghetti, pretzels, and sweetbread. 

“I liked whatever that salty meat was called. The salami stuff,” remembered Reese Sawyer ‘34 as he reflected on the prosciutto.  

The “Christmas Around the World” unit concludes with reading and studying the Nativity story.  

“This is our way of centering the focus of the unit around the birth of our Savior and how people come from near and far to worship Him,” smiled Meg Buckingham, first grade teacher. “Regardless of what ways we choose to celebrate, Jesus is our reason for the season, and that is the most important piece of the puzzle.” 

Thank you, first grade students, for your dedication to learning about and celebrating different cultures and customs.