Wesleyan School Named Top Ten Feeder School to Auburn University College of Engineering

The Auburn University recently recognized Wesleyan School as a top 10 feeder school to the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering.
“Our freshmen engineering students this year represent 542 different high schools across the country. This covers 36 states,” shared Andrew McGill, Auburn University recruiter. “Wesleyan is one of our top 10 feeders from out of state.”
For the fall of 2022, 21 Wesleyan students matriculated to Auburn.

“This is encouraging news,” said Randy Cailor, Wesleyan’s director of STEM. “As our STEM program continues to grow, to hear that we are a leader nationally in sending students to an engineering program of Auburn’s caliber continues to speak to the quality of our students and the hard work they put in while they are in high school.”

According to McGill, Auburn’s top ten feeder schools are in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, and California.