Wolf Players perform the Legend of Sleepy Hollow outdoors

High school performers brought audiences back in time for their outdoor production of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  
Set in 1790 in Tarrytown, the story tells the tale of Ichabod Crane who must decide if he believes the story of the town’s Headless Horseman. As he faces his fears, multiple characters enter the story to put Crane to the test, and each character is challenged to decide if fear will rule their lives or faith in God’s promised providence. 

The show was unique as it was the first outdoor show in sixteen years. Stephanie Simmons, high school theatre director, explained that she was at dinner a couple of years ago with the late Becky Cardwell, former executive assistant to the head of school, who mentioned how much she enjoyed the last time the Wolf Players had performed a show outdoors. Simmons credits Cardwell for watering the seed of the idea to have another outdoor performance. 

The outdoor setting challenged and grew theatre students. Cast members and producers displayed grit in overcoming adversity. 

“The outdoor experience had its challenges. The first was securing a good location for the story and the audience. The second was coordinating schedules with other activities on campus – we're a busy school,” explained Simmons. 

Students also displayed great dedication and perseverance in conquering the small ensemble responsibilities of the show.
“Every actor had a huge part to play with lots of stage time. This required a heightened awareness of character development and using your voice well in order to be heard in an outdoor setting,” reflected Simmons. 

Alumni Andrew Sabonis-Chafee ‘15, who graduated from Baylor University with a degree in theatre, stopped in at the Wolf Players rehearsal a week before the show to offer encouragement and insight given his experience. The cast grew in their storytelling and confidence, which was displayed as they mastered their production of this famous tale. 

Well done, Wolf Players, on a successful performance!