Cassie Ann Kiggen ‘09 begins new role with UGA's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Cassie Ann Kiggen ‘09 recently began a new role as the Chief Communications Officer at the University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.  
After graduating from Wesleyan, Kiggen attended the University of Georgia (UGA) where she graduated with two degrees in international affairs and Spanish. Following her time at UGA, Kiggen moved to Washington D.C. to earn her masters in international communications at American University. During her eight years in D.C., she worked on Capitol Hill for various trade associations, and the mentors she found at Wesleyan and at UGA encouraged her career growth.  

Kiggen believes that Wesleyan’s emphasis on mentorship prompted her to pursue mentorship opportunities during college and beyond. When working in Washington D.C., she was actively involved in a large mentoring program for women who were involved in the private equity and venture capital space.
“Supporting, investing in, and learning from other women who are involved in my industry or line of work is one of my passions because I am thoroughly grateful for the women (and men) who have taken time out of their lives to shepherd me spiritually and mentally to be the best version of myself and hopefully bring out the best in others,” states Kiggen. 

Kiggen shares that her Wesleyan experience also equipped her to exceed in college and in life after graduation. She described the education at Wesleyan as one that challenges students to build lifelong skills that encourage critical thinking and foster an appetite for excellence.  

“Due to the incredible opportunities that Wesleyan provided, I felt like I was deeply prepared for success during and after my time in college spiritually, mentally, and emotionally,” shares Kiggen. 

In 2021, Kiggen returned to Georgia to pursue an exciting career opportunity at UGA as the CCO for the university’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. She is the youngest person in leadership at the college. 

Way to go, Cassie Ann!