Students learn about finding their identity in Christ during the Seventh and Eighth Grade Retreat

Students visited Sharptop Cove for the Seventh and Eighth Grade Retreat, designed to parallel the mission of Wesleyan by providing students an opportunity to explore and deepen their faith in Christ. 
The first goal of the Seventh and Eighth Grade Retreat is to equip students to navigate “life together.” The retreat is designed to help students get out of their comfort zone and learn about the importance of building community outside of the classroom.  

Students connected with one another on the retreat by playing basketball in the pool and competing against faculty in a baseball game. They also took a hike together in the mountains of Jasper, Georgia. 

Another goal of the retreat is for students to be transformed “from the inside out.” Biblically grounded teachings challenge students to explore their identity in Christ and to use their individual talents as assets of leadership in middle school. 

Guest speaker Chris Middleton ‘16 reminded students that they will never be able to fully know who they are until they know the God who created them. He implored students to look to scripture to learn about the attributes of God and discover who God revealed Himself to be. 

“You know that God is who He says He is because you can look to a cross where His love and His justice are on full display,” stated Middleton. 

Middleton explained that human beings all worship something.  

“Your identity is determined by what you choose to worship,” stated Middleton. 

Students were called to surrender anything they had been choosing to worship other than Christ as they were led into a moment of response where they were encouraged to pray for one another. 

The retreat was wrapped up by Middleton challenging students to be a part of a “greater story” that God is writing by being an ambassador for His name in their daily lives.  

Thank you to all seventh and eighth graders for such a wonderful retreat!