Brendan Abernathy ‘15 performs with JOHNNYSWIM

Brendan Abernathy ‘15, Wesleyan alumni and talented musician, recently featured as a special guest in two shows with American folk duo, JOHNNYSWIM. The first show was in Athens, Georgia, and the second was in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 
After graduating from Wesleyan in 2015, Abernathy graduated from the University of Georgia. During a trip to Grand Teton National Park, he had an important realization; he felt a special calling to make music that tells stories that everyone experiences. 

“My job isn’t to tell my story, but to find the parts of my story that everyone experiences and tell those. The parts I don’t want to talk about, the parts no one else is writing about,” explains Abernathy. 

The wonderful opportunity to perform with JOHNNYSWIM came about thanks to Abernathy’s friend who happened to be a collaborator with Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez of JOHNNYSWIM. Abernathy’s friend connected him with Sudano and Ramirez, who were impressed by Abernathy’s talent, passion, and dedication.  

“I've been touring continuously for three years (over 900 days), so I'd like to think that work led to [the opportunity] as well,” reflects Abernathy. 

Abernathy enjoyed learning from JOHNNYSWIM as he watched them create an atmosphere of peace through their craft. 

“Hopefully I can learn from them and do the same myself,” says Abernathy. 

Abernathy’s favorite part about music is the way it connects people to each other, melody to memory, and feelings to moments. 

“To play a role in the creation of those moments through writing and performance is a treat that I never want to lose,” states Abernathy. 

Way to go, Brendan!