Director of College Advising completes two-year term on UGA High School Advisory Council

Ken Connor, director of college advising, recently wrapped up a two-year term serving on the University of Georgia High School Advisory Council. Connor was nominated for this honor by the UGA office of admissions.
“This is such a distinct honor for Ken, the college advising office, and Wesleyan as the council is made up of only 17 professionals from throughout the United States,” said Joe Koch, high school principal. “To have one of our own speaks to the integrity and excellence with which our college advisors perform their duties daily. Wesleyan is the better for this impressive honor.”

As Patrick Winter, Associate Vice President for Admissions and Enrollment at the time Connor was asked to join the group shared, “The University of Georgia High School Advisory Council was established to solicit feedback and recommendations from UGA’s colleagues regarding their admissions process, procedures, publications, and overall message. The Advisory Council was also created with the purpose of keeping college advisors abreast of new developments at the University of Georgia.”