High school chorus and band performances captivate audience

High school band and chorus captivated their audience during their respective concerts on April 26 and April 22. Both band and chorus performed for concert three times- once for the lower school, once for the middle school, and once for the high school, and both ensembles demonstrated a dynamic and impressive range of musical genres.
The band concert featured compositions from as early as 1923 (“English Folk Song Suite Movement 1” by Ralph Vaughn Williams) and as recent as this spring (“Englishman in New York” by Sting and arranged by Jeff Foster, band director)! “Englishman in New York” even featured two musicians playing while hanging upside down off of a bandmate’s back.

Junior Daniel Guo and senior Ryan McConnell performed “Tricks of the Trade,” composed by Danny Raymond and Rion Smith, as a student-initiated piece that they learned on their own. Similarly, senior Noah Walton learned and performed “Over the Rainbow” by Oetemo- a solo which requires a careful and precise grip of four mallets on the marimba.

Similarly led by a talented senior class, the high school chorus showed off their dynamic range by featuring songs from Dolly Parton to Adele and even Justin Timberlake! As they performed Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” students across every grade level began to tap their feet and wiggle in their seat. Lower school students win the prize for the most involved audience!

Bravo to our high school band and chorus students and their directors, Jeff Foster and Brad Meyer, respectively!

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