Pre-first students share the “reel-y” Good News in ‘Fish Tales’ musical

As we enter this liturgical season of Lent, pre-first students reminded their captive audience of the “reel-y” Good News of the Gospel through puns, songs, and dance in their annual musical, “Fish Tales." Dressed in fishing attire and standing on a fish-covered stage in Bowen Cafetorium, students performed the beloved pre-first musical. “Fish Tales” is set at a fishing tournament, and the tournament organizer makes sure that while fishing, all competitors also hear the “reel-y” Good News of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
With catchy tunes and a colorful stage, “Fish Tales” is a beloved lower school tradition, and as the pre-first students shined on stage, many older students sang and danced along to the familiar motions. They turned their hands in rhythm to “it was a good day, turned a bad day, turned a great day for me!” and shook their heads “no” while lip-syncing “He’s not here; he has risen, so do not fear. He is alive!”

Woven throughout the musical are reminders that patience is the mark of a good fisherman, and Jesus also shows us patience.

Thank you, pre-first students, for encouraging us to be fishers of men! Way to go!