College Advising Office welcomes more than 50 college representatives

Since August, Wesleyan has welcomed nearly 55 college admissions representatives to meet with our students.  We are thankful that after a year of mostly virtual visits, most of this year’s visits were conducted in person.  These visits provide a unique opportunity for students to learn about schools in a more intimate setting and develop a one-on-one relationship with the representatives who often play a role in reviewing application files.  During most sessions, the representative will share prepared remarks on topics such as academic programs, campus life, scholarships, and financial aid, and then open the floor to students for questions.  Representatives are also able to continue building relationships with the college advisors and share important updates if there have been notable changes to their admissions processes.
This year, Wesleyan hosted representatives from as far away as France (The American University of Paris) and from several regions of the United States from Baylor University in Texas to Colgate University in New York.  Some of the highest attended sessions have been with representatives from schools closer to home including Auburn University, Texas Christian University, Wake Forest University, and Georgia Institute of Technology.  Juniors and seniors are invited to attend the visits, which are listed in the high school daily announcements, the school calendar, and Cialfo, and must secure teacher permission to miss class.  Wesleyan is grateful to all college representatives who make visiting our campus a priority!
To learn more about college representative visits and the college advising program, please visit the college advising webpage.