Alumni Spotlight: Anne Noland ’11 shines behind the scenes for Miami Dolphins

When the Miami Dolphins took the field Sunday against the New England Patriots, Wesleyan alumni Anne Noland ’11 was in her element, but you might not see her on your television while you watch the game. Noland serves as the Senior Director for Football Communications for the Miami Dolphins, and she is one of only three women running the football side of an NFL public and media relations department. Her hard work and professionalism recently earned her a spot on the Athletics’ “40 under 40” list, a collection of the rising stars in the business of football.
To hear Noland describe it, her start in football came because “Coach [Franklin] Pridgen was willing to take a chance on a young girl who wanted to keep the stats for the varsity team. I know I would not be where I am now had he not handed me a clipboard, pencil, and calculator back in 2008 and given me my first opportunity to work for a team. I was hooked after that, principally because of the team environment.”

Since graduating from Wesleyan in 2011, Noland graduated summa cum laude from the University of Georgia with a bachelor of arts degree in public relations. She worked for both the Denver Broncos and the Tennessee Titans before landing with the New England Patriots in 2017. There, she earned the respect of Brian Flores, who was the linebackers coach for the Patriots at the time. When Flores became the head coach of the Dolphins, he brought Noland with him to lead the football communications department. 

“There is so much I love about the role of communications in sports, particularly for an NFL team,” shares Noland, “but ultimately, it all boils down to relationships and helping tell people’s stories. My job is to help our coaches and players shine off the field and with the media. No two days are the same, and I enjoy the daily challenge and excitement that the job brings.”

Often recognized for her hard work, Noland describes Wesleyan as the foundation for her work ethic. “The high expectations for Wesleyan students – academically, involvement in after-school activities, time management – taught me the value of hard work and accountability, which daily manifest themselves in my career today. I’m grateful for the many teachers, coaches, and mentors who invested in me during my time at Wesleyan, as a student and more importantly as a person,” says Noland.

Way to go, Anne Noland! We are rooting for you this season!