T.I.E.D. Together lessons begin in the lower school

Last week, lower school students and teachers engaged in their first T.I.E.D. Together lesson of the year, and kindergarteners read three stories to learn about how God created everything, and he declared his creation good.
The courageous conversations of T.I.E.D (Teaching Inclusivity and Embracing Diversity) Together are intended to glorify God by teaching children how to view themselves and others as our Heavenly Father does, which is as his children who were created intentionally in his image. T.I.E.D. Together lessons create time for authentic class-wide or small group discussion that helps students to explore their unique God-given gifts and appreciate the differences within our community. Each age-appropriate lesson provides an opportunity for students to view diversity and belonging as God has called us in the Bible.

T.I.E.D. Together lessons take place in every lower school class during the first week of the month, and in the second week’s Tuesday folder, parents receive guidance on how to continue these important conversations as a family.

For example, during their T.I.E.D. Together lesson last week, kindergartners read Roseanne Thong and Grace Lin’s Red is a Dragon, and then they read excerpts of Genesis 1. After identifying, discussing, and coloring some of the kindergartners’ favorite colors in God’s creation, they also read Stan and Jan Berenstain’s God Made the Colors. This week, parents of kindergartners will receive a guide specific to the kindergarten lesson. The guide, which is optional for families to use, includes conversation starters, an at-home activity, and key scripture.

To learn more about T.I.E.D. Together and diversity at Wesleyan School, please visit our diversity webpage.