COVID-19 Vaccinations Offered to all School Employees

On Wednesday, March 10, Wesleyan School offered COVID-19 vaccines to all school employees. The shots arrived on campus one year to the week after the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything in the world around us.
“We are so blessed to be able to make this available to our employees,” said Chris Cleveland, Head of School. “Our faculty and staff have worked tirelessly the past 12 months as we have navigated this challenging and difficult time in our history. This has been hard, but to a person they have stepped up to serve our community in a way that will impact children and families for years to come. This week with the arrival of vaccines on campus, it feels like we are at a point of beginning to round this long corner, and that we are taking another step toward keeping our community healthy.”
Over 200 school employees received the first of two vaccine shots on Wednesday. The program was entirely voluntary, and vaccinations are not required for employees. The timing of vaccinations coincided with the state of Georgia expanding vaccinations to all school personnel across the state.
“Special thanks to Linda Schutte, Human Resources Coordinator, for organizing an enormous amount of paperwork earlier this winter to get us ‘in line’ for vaccines, and to Brian Morgan, Chief Operating Officer, for his ongoing leadership of our COVID-19 response,” Cleveland went on to say.