Art Students Create “Behind the Mask” Project

Because of COVID-19, the start to this school year has been like unlike any other. Perhaps the most visible precaution that has been taken is the usage of face coverings around campus.

Thinking creatively, middle school art teacher Heather Niemann created a project that acknowledges the emotions underneath the mask and allowed students to express their unique personalities through writing and drawing.
Niemann elaborated, “We are wearing masks physically, but we also “put on a mask” figuratively – we “mask” our real emotions to protect ourselves or to be who we think we should be around others.”

“When we are wearing a mask, it might feel like our personality and emotions are being masked as well. What is behind your mask? What emotions are you feeling, both positive and negative? What do you wish you could project more, and what do you wish you could resolve and move past?” 

Students used these themes to create a unique mask with words and pictures that covered a self-portrait.