Lower School

The lower school consists of kindergarten through fourth grade. Our lower school staff seeks to honor God by contributing to an exceptional childhood experience for each student. Our core values are Academic Excellence and our Christian Mission. Wesleyan is committed to teaching the whole child by providing opportunities to meet the needs of the students academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Through active involvement, the students learn to approach learning with a feeling of self-confidence and a growing sense of independence. Students focus on all aspects of their development and become contributing members of the group. They are encouraged to develop a growing awareness of God in their daily life and to build a strong foundation of love, trust, respect, kindness, acceptance and caring for others, as well as for themselves.

Grade Level and Course Descriptions

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  • Student-Faculty Ratio

  • Average Class Size

    1st–4th Grade 17
  • Curriculum Highlights

    i. Orton Gillingham
    ii. Math in Focus
    iii. Math Matters
    iv. Shurley Grammar
    v. iRead
  • Academic Support

    i. Reading Resource
    ii. Math Resource
    iii. Orton Gillinghan Tutors
    iv. Speech and Language Pathologists
    v. Occupational Therapists
    vi. iExtend – Enrichment
  • Social Emotional Learning

    i. Study Skills
    ii. Classroom Lessons taught by our Counselor
    iii. Small Group Skills
    iv. Leadership Training
    v. Parent Education
  • Christian Life

    i. Classroom Enrichment
    ii. Weekly Chapel
    iii. Discipleship Groups
    iv. Spiritual Life Week

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