Fine Arts Member of the Week - Grayson Ragsdale

Senior, Grayson Ragsdale, has performed on the Wesleyan stage throughout her tenure at the school. During high school she has appeared in every Wesleyan musical, singing the classic, Day By Day, in the Wolf Player production of Godspell during her junior year. She played Belle's understudy in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and performed that role during the Saturday matinée. This year she also secured her second comedic role in a Kaufman and Hart play - the first, during her sophomore year as Maggie Cutler in The Man Who Came to Dinner and the second will be in April, her final Wolf Player performance, Grayson will perform the part of Penny Sycamore in You Can’t Take It With You. Her talent and versatility has made her a fixture on the Wesleyan stage. In the fall she appeared in The Odyssey as the Muse and Calypso - very appropriate for someone whose inspiration and energy have been her strengths. Congratulations, Grayson!