Middle school performers humor audiences during "Madhouse"

Middle school performers awed audiences with their performances of “Madhouse” beginning Thursday evening. 
“Madhouse” is about the greedy family of a recently deceased mystery author, Byron Pembroke. The play begins with the family gathering on a dark and stormy evening for the reading of Pembroke’s will. The four adult children learn that the rich and famous author condensed his fortune into one mysterious object hidden within the mansion and left his fortune to whoever finds it first. When the mansion is overrun by strangers seeking refuge from a storm, many join in on the hunt for the hidden treasure.  

The play was directed by Jenn Jordan, lower and middle school theater director.  

"I am so proud of the whole cast,” smiles Jordan. “All of them had to work incredibly hard on comedic timing, and they had to learn that comedy is collaborative. In a show, you can’t be funny by yourself. In the end, I think this collaboration created new and lasting friendships, and ultimately, that’s the aspect of the experience that makes me the happiest.” 

Way to go, Wolf Jr. Players! We are proud of the hard work you put into this performance.