Wolf Players present "Little Women"

High school students performed their opening show of “Little Women” Thursday afternoon. 
Based on Lousia May Alcott’s novel, the show is about the lives of the March sisters and examines their entrance into adulthood in the midst of poverty. The play also emphasizes the value of family and the role of society's views of femininity.  

Stephanie Simmons, high school theatre director, directed the show. “I am amazed by the cast’s bond not just as actors, but as a true family,” says Simmons 

Simmons is proud of each student’s dedication to bringing a genuine account of the March family to reflect the true human experiences that each person lives daily with the unique individuals in each of our lives. 
“They are telling a classic story in a timeless way, and I’m so proud of them,” reflects Simmons. 

Way to go, Wolf Players!