Students share their testimonies at Christian life mission trip retreats

Over the weekend, students who will be serving on a mission trip over spring break came together with their team for an overnight Missions Retreat. 
On Saturday, students gathered to enjoy fellowship, play games, and share stories about their faith journeys.
Some chose to share what they are hopeful the Lord will do while they serve either domestically or internationally, and some chose to share about where they are in their relationship with Christ.

“Retreats are one of the most essential parts of team preparation,” reflects Greg Lisson, director of Christian life. “There is simply no substitute for the bonding and camaraderie that forms when we get away from our normal habits and patterns and take some time to share our stories. Listening to other members of our teams share their faith journeys is one of the most meaningful and impactful aspects of the entire mission's experience.” 

On Sunday, each team met in Austin Chapel for a worship service. Several faculty members shared short messages to encourage students as they prepare to give their time to relational ministry. 

Chuck Stevens, middle school math teacher, prompted students to reflect on Romans 10:15, which says “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” 

Please join us in praying over the students who will be traveling to spread the name of Christ over spring break.  

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