Chess club facilitates community building

Wesleyan students can participate in high school clubs to build community and explore areas of interest. Chess club is led by Mitchell Mayfield, who appreciates that chess is a game that helps students build relationships. 
“Our typical chess club is fairly diverse. Students who run in completely different circles at Wesleyan get a chance to sit down across from one another and compete! I’ve enjoyed the post-game chats from students as well as analyzing different moves, critical turning points, and hidden tactics in each plan,” reflects Mayfield. 

Students who attend chess club also appreciate how the game allows them to get to know their peers better. 

“Games can be 30 seconds to 20 minutes, but it always feels like at the end of the game, win or lose, you know that person better than you did before,” states Nathan Wilcox ‘25. 

In addition to helping students build relationships with one another, chess equips students with problem solving skills that prove to be helpful both inside and outside of the classroom. Early success in chess results from pattern recognition and problem solving.  

“These problem-solving skills will prove beneficial to students as there will be projects and units that will seem very difficult to them, and they will need to make a plan, weigh different paths with the tools they have on hand, and execute their plan at the proper time to reach the desired result,” says Mayfield. 

Way to go, chess club!