Jia Lim '27 wins the middle school spelling bee

The annual middle school spelling bee took place in Powell Theater on Jan. 9, 2023. Jia Lim ‘27 won the spelling bee, and Shaan Sancheti ‘27 was the runner-up. The two will advance to the first round of the GISA spelling bee on Feb. 9, 2023. 
Sixteen total middle school students participated in the spelling bee, and 38 rounds were completed before a winner was declared, as compared to 10 rounds last year.
Jason Erb, lower school principal, hosted the spelling bee and challenged students to spell unusual and complex words like “epidemiology,” “swashbuckle,” and “illimitable.”  

In a dramatic back and forth battle for victory, Lim ultimately won after correctly spelling “avowal,” which was word number 355 of the spelling bee. 

Thank you to spelling bee coordinator, Ashely Kuehne, and congratulations, Lim, Sancheti, and all the spelling bee participants!