Children’s literature author visits Wesleyan’s lower school

Children’s literature author Carmen Deedy recently visited the lower school. With her God-given talents of narration and storytelling, Deedy captivated kindergarten through fourth grade classes in Dozier Library. 
Deedy is the author of twelve books for children. Many of her books are inspired by her childhood as a Cuban refugee in Decatur, Georgia.  

Deedy began her time with lower school students by demonstrating her love for storytelling through her book Martina the Beautiful Cockroach. 

“I’m not going to simply read this book to you. Can I tell you a story instead?” she asked lower school students. 

Deedy captured the attention of everyone in the room as she narrated the unique story of a beautiful cockroach, Martina, who decided she wanted to get married. She theatrically described the story of Martina’s grandmother or ‘abuela’ who encouraged Martina to test the patience of her suitors through the “coffee test.” This consists of spilling coffee on each suitor's shoes to test if they respond with frustration or patience. 

The story was filled with bits and pieces of Deedy’s Cuban culture by referencing Cuban traditions and the Spanish language. Deedy paused to teach lower school students how to say ‘brother’ and ‘grandmother’ in Spanish. 

Thank you, Mrs. Deedy, for sharing your gifts and love of storytelling with lower school students!