Wolf Jr. Players share about life’s ups and downs in “The Elevator Family” show

Middle school performers captivated various audiences with their renditions of “The Elevator Family” beginning Thursday evening.  
“The Elevator Family” is a play about a quirky family that goes on vacation and ends up taking up residence in an Elevator, which they turn into a cozy home. They welcome many into their home, and they help each person they meet as they travel up and down on the elevator. The show proves that “Life has its ups and downs, but family is forever.” 

The play was directed by lower and middle school theater director Jenn Jordan. Jordan shared that she appreciated helping students learn how to overcome challenges and persevere to make the performance the best it could be. 

“The elevator itself created a lot of challenges,” explains Jordan. “The party scene was very challenging, as [the cast] had to fit nine people, lots of furniture, and party food into an eight-by-eight-foot space without seeming to be uncomfortable.” 

Jordan’s hope for the show is that cast members learned to trust their instincts and gained confidence to take chances when performing. 

“We worked really hard on establishing a world on stage and working within the confines of that world,” reflects Jordan. “I hope [the cast has] left this experience more confident in their ability to face logistical opportunities, and to look at new challenges as exciting opportunities for growth!” 

Way to go, Wolf Jr. Players!