Missions spotlight: Texas team serves with Mission Arlington

High school students and five faculty spent spring break serving in Arlington, TX with Mission Arlington. Mission Arlington seeks to “take church to the people,” and Wesleyan students joined them in leading Bible studies and playing with children at local apartment complexes. The Wesleyan team also helped sort canned goods in their food pantry, loaded and moved a lot of donations from a warehouse to one of their ministry houses, and painted fences at the apartments.
With mission trips being canceled in 2020 and 2021, many students- and even some faculty- were experiencing Wesleyan mission trips for the first time. While we believe in the support we can offer communities in need, we also value the impact serving has on our students and faculty.

“The part of the trip that had the biggest impact on me was time spent with the kids, specifically a kid named Saim,” shared junior Morgan Akin. “He called me his ‘best friend,’ which really meant a lot to me because his mom later told me that he has never had a best friend. By the end of the trip, Saim felt so comfortable that he shared a devotion with our whole team. It was really sweet to see how positive Saim always was despite having trouble making friends at school.”

Mission trips are incredibly relational, focused on cultivating Christ-centered friendships that transcend geographic, language, or age barriers. Mission trips deepen even the friendships among Wesleyan students. “My favorite part of the trip was being able to form meaningful relationships with the people we were helping and also with the people on my team,” explained Akin. “I really loved how the team was able to work together through hard moments, helping each other along the way.”

Before heading back to Wesleyan, the team also enjoyed a trip to the Forth Worth Stockyards, where they saw a longhorn cattle drive, tried out Texas barbecue, and shopped for cowboy hats and other Texan souvenirs. 

Thank you, Texas team, for joining in God’s work in Arlington!