Audrey Short '15 reflects on her journey with dyslexia in video for Dyslexia Awareness Month

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month! In honor of this and to broaden our community's awareness of and support for dyslexic students, the Academic Resource Center team shared with faculty a resource produced by Made by Dyslexia.  Made by Dyslexia is a global charity led by successful dyslexics with the purpose of helping the world understand, value, and support dyslexia. 
Wesleyan graduate Audrey Short ‘15 recorded an intro to the video and shared some of her own experiences as a dyslexic.  Audrey shared her journey from detection and diagnosis in lower school to two years attending The Schenck School in Atlanta to returning to Wesleyan and then graduating as valedictorian.

Statistics tell us that up to 20% of students have a language-based learning difference. Increasing understanding of how these brilliant thinkers learn and process information is important for any school community. We are proud of the work being done by the Academic Resource Center (ARC) team and all faculty K-12 to support a diverse body of learners. 
If you have a dyslexic in your life, and remember those stats tell us you probably do, take a moment to watch the short film to learn more about dyslexic learners and the value they bring to our community and our lives. 
Removing the Barriers - Dyslexia Awareness 2021
To view the video Wesleyan used in professional development last fall during Dyslexia Awareness Month, watch the "It's Kind of a Superpower" video. To learn more about the ARC and academic support at Wesleyan, visit the academic support webpage.