Alumni Spotlight: Ashby Foltz '07 named to "40 under 40" list

The Georgia Tech Alumni Association recently named Ashby Foltz ’07 to their "40 under 40" list recognizing talented Georgia Tech alumni who have made significant contributions in their industries at an early age. Motivated to enhance and streamline generous giving opportunities, Foltz co-founded Charityvest, and he currently serves as the organization’s chief operating officer. Charityvest seeks to simplify intentional charitable giving, and the organization has facilitated more than $20 million in charitable contributions.
“The impact we hope to have at Charityvest is to encourage people to have healthy relationships with their material wealth by tapping into humankind's innate capability to be generous. Parts of modern culture cause us to anxiously save or hoard resources for ourselves; or, to engage in self-indulgent luxury consumerism. We believe great, intentional giving is the antidote to both, and we want to create a world-class experience where we ask every user to make a commitment to give a portion of their wealth over their lifetime,” states Foltz.

Foltz continues to share that he believes “all resources belong to God, and we are stewards of this world and its abundance.” To steward these resources well, Foltz prioritizes leading and living with honor and integrity, two values that he learned while a student at Wesleyan.

Upon graduating from Wesleyan in 2007, Foltz matriculated to Georgia Tech and earned a B.S. in Management. Since then, he gained professional experience as the vice president of product at, an investment associate at Serent Capital, and a business analyst at McKinsey & Company before co-founding Charityvest in 2019.

Recently, Foltz also began serving as a member of the Wesleyan board of trustees.

To learn more about Foltz and Charityvest, please visit the Charityvest website