Wolves on the Frontlines: Allen Marsh '00 Supporting Hospital Staff and Patients

“Our day-to-day is a bit of a balancing act,” says Allen Marsh ’00. “For me and my team, that means we are trying to serve our hospital staff and insure they have what they need to do their jobs. This also includes making sure everyone who needs a bed has one.”

As the Chief Operating Officer of Medical City Lewisville in Lewisville, Texas, the day to day for Allen has been upended a bit during the COVID-19 pandemic. The hospital is part of Medical City Healthcare, and Allen is responsible for a wide range of functions and infrastructure.
“My day to day constantly changes based on the surge status of COVID patients,” he says. “I am responsible for Surgical Services, Radiology, Pharmacy, Lab, Facilities, Food and Nutrition, Environmental Services, Trauma Services and EMS. I work with our senior team to insure we have the resources needed for our staff to treat COVID and non-COVID patients.”

Like other health systems worldwide, as the pandemic has continued healthcare providers are forced to find ways to not only treat COVID patients, but also meet the non-COVID needs to patients. 

“Our community has needs surgically even in a pandemic, however, not everything has to be done emergently. So, if the surgery can be moved to later in the week or the next week and we need the bed they would have been in then we try to move the case,” Allen shares.  “We are constantly balancing the surgical schedule with other inpatient demands. We have several meetings every day to evaluate our hospitals census as well as the census and status of the other hospitals in our system.”

When asked why he went into healthcare, Allen simply states, “I wanted to blend my love of science, service and ministry. I found this to be best way to do that.”

Over his fifteen-year career, Allen has also experienced many changes personally as well. He is married to Amy for 11 years, and they are the proud parents of William (8) and Caroline (5).