Black History Month Chapel Guest Speaker

On Thursday, February 11 as part of our celebration of Black History Month, Davon Stack, Director of Junior High Ministries at Perimeter Church, spoke to middle and high school students at chapel. Stack spoke to students about Psalm 23, breaking down each verse and relating it to his own story and the Christian Life theme of the month, Shalom.
“Davon was completely transparent in how this past year his peace (Shalom) was disrupted, but also spoke to the desire to reflect the love of Christ and see it in others”, said Director of Diversity Dr. Jennifer Pinkett Smith. “His story connected to Black History Month because there is often a pain associated with remembering the struggles of the past, but being reminded that ‘peace is not the absence of conflict.’ In remembering that, we can be proud of those African American trailblazers who sacrificed so much to create a better place for generations to follow.”
Thank you, Davon, for sharing your story!