Academic Resource Center: Equipping Students With The Skills For Academic Independence

Renovations to a portion of Chapman Library this past summer may not be noticed by many, but the impact of what is happening behind the new walls will be felt throughout campus in the months and years to come. In August, Wesleyan’s new Academic Resource Center (ARC), a long-held dream by many Wesleyan faculty members, moved into the renovated space on the third floor of Wesley Hall in Chapman Library.

“This space, and what will take place within and from here, has been a labor of love for a long time,” said Ramona Blankenship, associate head of school. “Karyn Vickery and her team have created an academic support program that is exceptional, unique to Wesleyan, and will support our entire student body.”

Academic Support, which began in fall 2019 under the leadership of Karyn Vickery, director of academic support, brings under one umbrella the many ways Wesleyan works to ensure students in kindergarten through 12th grade are being effectively and consistently supported. The program’s goal is to assist students with learning differences in becoming independent learners while successfully meeting the demands of Wesleyan’s academic rigor and standard of excellence. These bright, well-rounded students have met the intellectual and academic criteria to be admitted to Wesleyan, yet they may have a particular challenge that can impact the way they learn. Students with mild to moderate learning differences, such as dyslexia or ADHD, are empowered with self-awareness, self-advocacy, and study strategies, helping them to overcome challenges, develop their God-given strengths, and thrive at Wesleyan.

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