Middle School Competes in Spelling Bee

Middle School Spelling Bee
The annual Middle School Spelling Bee took place on Monday, January 11, in a socially distanced fashion in Powell Theater. The event was live-streamed on Youtube for the rest of the student body to follow the competition.

Twenty competitors ranging from 5th grade to 8th grade went through 8 rounds of spelling before it was narrowed down to just three remaining spellers. Seventh grader Troy Nguyen, 6th grader Shaan Sancheti, and 5th grader Reagan Burnham made it to the final rounds. 
It was a back-and-forth battle between the final spellers before all that remained were Nguyen and Burnham. Nguyen correctly spelled “bedlamite” and “endive” to take home the Wesleyan Spelling Bee victory. Nguyen and Burnham will both advance to the next round of the state spelling competitions and represent Wesleyan School. Congratulations, Troy and Reagan!