An Inside Look at Campus Safety- Plexiglass Dividers

While preparing to reopen campus, as much protection as possible was installed so that students could learn in a safe and protected environment.

An inside look on the list of newly implemented safety measures includes- physical barriers, such as plexiglass dividers. The plexiglass dividers are transparent, easily cleanable, and able to be mounted and used in various settings. These dividers are an example of a safety measure that can reduce droplet transmission within the school setting.
Plexiglass barriers create a division in common spaces to intercept the respiratory droplets and defend against transmission of COVID-19 where social distancing is less feasible.   
Additionally, these transparent dividers re-enforcing physical distancing requirements which is especially useful for young students in an active learning environment.
At Wesleyan, we've added plexiglass to science, and art classrooms in every division as well as front reception desks, and lunch service areas.