Wesleyan Student Selected to Attend the Governor’s Honors Program

Wesleyan School is pleased to announce that Wesleyan junior Maggie Simmons has been invited to study in the prestigious Georgia Governor’s Honors Program (GHP) at Berry College in Rome this June and July.
“At GHP, Maggie will be provided with academic, cultural, and social enrichments in a community of like-minded individuals from throughout the state,” said Wesleyan Director of College Advising Ken Connor. “The program will help her become a better critical thinker, innovator, and leader.”

GHP offers twelve majors that are characterized as either academic or performing arts majors. This summer, Maggie will major in engineering focusing on computer programming.

The Governor’s Honors Program offers students a fully funded by the state with no cost to attendees beyond travel. Over 3,100 students were nominated to the state level competition and over 1,400 participated in this year’s state interview and/or audition process with approximately 650 ultimately chosen to attend, which represents one-fourth of 1% of eligible sophomores and juniors in the state. At the time of the announcement of finalists and alternates, GHP was actively assessing the COVID 19 pandemic and had not made a decision on how the summer 2020 program may be impacted.

Wesleyan is also pleased to also announce that Isabella Martin was chosen as an alternate in the field of mathematics.