Academic Resource Center Details Presented at Middle School Parent Coffee

Earlier this week, middle school parents joined Middle School Principal Joseph Antonio and Director of Academic Support Karyn Vickery for an overview of the new Academic Resource Center which will open in the middle school in fall 2020.
“As you know, beginning in fall 2020, Wesleyan’s Academic Resource Center (ARC) will provide a tiered program of service to Wesleyan middle school students with current psycho-educational testing and an active Learning Profile,” Antonio shared with parents in attendance. “We are excited to build upon the foundation of learning support provided in the lower school and to extend that support into the middle school next year.”

The program is optional, based on recommendation by the administration, and will offer services to select students in grades 5-8 for a supplemental tuition fee. With academic independence as the goal, the Academic Resource Center at Wesleyan School serves students with an average to above-average intellectual ability and mild to moderate language processing and/or attention challenges. Students receiving support in the Academic Resource Center will be taught study and executive function skills, along with self-awareness and self-advocacy, as opportunities to overcome learning challenges and become independent learners.

“We have worked hard with administrators, grade chairs, department chairs, and classroom teachers to craft a program that best serves our students within the Wesleyan community,” Vickery also noted. “Services will be provided in small group settings for the entire year for students recommended by the middle school administration, and then others may be recommended to participate in individual support as well.”

Video of the meeting can be found online at A copy of the slide deck used in the presentation can be downloaded here.