Ryan Gibadlo '02 Leads Faith-Based Non-Profit in Greene County, Georgia

Ryan Gibadlo ’02 was recently named Executive Director of Atlas Ministry. Located in Greene County, some of the most impoverished portions of the state of Ga, Atlas strives to make an impact through a proactive approach geared toward education and personal development.
“Our mission is to provide Christ centered educational services that begin at birth and continue all the way through adulthood,” said Ryan. “Atlas strives to create a multitude of pathways of impact that, as children grow and mature, help them to reach their full God given potential. We want to help our children and families see the value they have in Christ's eyes and equip them for the purposes God has for them.”
The programs offered by Atlas are designed to help with everything from achieving kindergarten readiness to attaining financial freedom as an adult. This includes an after school program that disciples students while providing academic support. Atlas also has a Christian Learning Center that partners with the school system in Greene County to teach Bible classes that count for history, English, and elective credits in students' academic programs.

"Wesleyan changed my life and set me on a trajectory that is only possible through Christ,” said Ryan. “Because of the way Wesleyan helped shaped my future, I want nothing more than to be on the other end and help make that same kind of impact in the lives of children and families. I am able to do that here at Atlas, and I know the faculty and staff at Wesleyan are a major reason I have this privilege." 

Ryan and his wife Stephanie are living in the Lake Oconee area with their three children Attaway, Colbie Jane, and Trace.  You can learn more about the work Ryan and the team at Atlas are doing in their Annual Update here or by visiting atlasministryinc.org