Mr. Cleveland Shares the Miracle Story of Wesleyan School in High School Chapel

The 2019-2020 Christian Life theme, Stories of the Kingdom, took a historical turn this morning in high school chapel as Head of School Chris Cleveland shared with students the story of Wesleyan. Sharing details of the school’s history since the mid-1990’s, Mr. Cleveland recounted the many ways that the path of Wesleyan defied all odds.
“When the dream of Wesleyan was born in the hearts of leaders of Wesleyan Day School in Sandy Springs in the mid-1990’s, the school had no land, no leader, and no money,” Cleveland reminded the students.

In the year when nothing was supposed to be built in Atlanta because of the 1996 Summer Olympics, Wesleyan School opened on the Tuesday after Labor Day. Fifteen trailers, the original 53-acre campus, Marchman Gymnasium, and a leadership team came into place in a short amount of time to get the school started. From there, the students learned of many of the miracles in the early days of Wesleyan – including how the board found the land for the school, met Zach Young who would become headmaster for the school’s first 16 years in Peachtree Corners, and how a foundation gave Wesleyan twice what the board asked for to build the first buildings on campus.

Cleveland challenged the students to consider what happens when you don’t put limits on God and pointed to the story of Wesleyan as an example of how God can fulfill dreams beyond what we can dare to grasp.