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Fourth Grade

Fourth grade is an exciting year of growth as students become the leaders of the lower school. Students have ongoing opportunities to grow and prepare for middle school. This exciting year is filled with many activities that encourage team building and critical thinking. Along with these dynamic experiences, students are also challenged academically in a nurturing and supportive Christian environment.
  • Literacy


    Literacy skills are taught and reinforced throughout the entire fourth grade curriculum, as well as during a designated reading and literacy block. The reading program focuses on teaching students the skills they need in order to read to learn. The year begins with a review of comprehension skill strategies (predicting, summarizing, making inferences, and drawing conclusions) and then transitions to whole class reading instruction using the novel Sign of the Beaver. The students also participate in small literature circles while reading Snow Treasure or Number the Stars. An engaging novel study of Tuck Everlasting completes the year. Throughout fourth grade, students learn to recognize literary devices within text (simile, metaphor, idiom, hyperbole, personification, alliteration, and onomatopoeia) in a range of genres, such as realistic fiction, biography, autobiography, poetry, historical fiction, myths, fairy tales, and fables.

    Phonics and Spelling-

    During the first half of the fourth grade school year, students focus on reviewing high frequency words and spelling patterns. Spelling rules regarding the addition of suffixes are also continuously reviewed. After Christmas break, students are expected to spell high frequency words and words with taught spelling patterns correctly in their written work.
  • Writing

    Using the five-step writing process (prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing) and the Shurley English curriculum, fourth graders write in a variety of genres and forms for different audiences and purposes. Students experience writing in various forms, such as letters, summaries, news articles, and essays. They utilize resources in the Dozier Library to perform research and engage in five different writing genres: descriptive, narrative, personal/fictional, expository, and persuasive.
  • Grammar

    Students learn grammar and sentence structure through Shurley English. This program teaches skills using catchy songs and jingles. This instructional method helps students commit to memory the many rules of the English language. By the end of fourth grade, students will be able to diagram sentences with the appropriate parts of speech, recognize different types of sentences, and use appropriate grammar in both oral and written language.
  • Mathematics

    The foundation of our K-4 mathematics program is Math in Focus, a curriculum focused on problem solving through real-world and hands-on experiences. Students are taught to think critically about math by moving from concrete (manipulatives) to pictorial (bar models) to abstract (formulas/algorithms) learning. To achieve mastery, students will learn the “why” behind each mathematical concept before learning the “how”. The ability to apply knowledge to routine as well as non-routine math problems is an integral part of demonstrating mastery of math concepts.

    Fourth graders enter with a strong foundation in all math facts, allowing them to expand their abilities to perform more complex operations. Advanced multi-digit multiplication, long division, and multi-step word problems are just a few of the concepts tackled early in the year. Students also learn how to collect and interpret data and expand and apply their knowledge of fractions to decimal numbers.

    Math Facts-

    We believe success in math cannot be achieved without mastery of math facts. Therefore, each grade level has its own expectations for math fact mastery guided by Wesleyan’s Math Matters program. Research shows students who are able to recall math facts quickly free up working memory that can then be devoted to higher-level problem solving.
  • Social Studies

    Using the Social Studies Alive! curriculum, students will explore and understand important events and figures in history while participating in hands-on activities that encourage personal connections. Beginning with a study of Native Americans, students will learn about our nation’s history, including the Age of Exploration, Colonization, and the American Revolution.


    First through fourth graders participate in the Passport Club. This program is run by Wesleyan parents and encourages children to learn the locations of several countries each month. Parent volunteers assess students once a month to see if they can locate given countries on a map. Each month, students also have the opportunity to explore one feature country in depth, learning about its land, history and culture through videos, books, and food.
  • Photo of Emma Grace Burns
    Emma Grace Burns
    Lead Teacher
    Georgia Southern University - Master of Arts
    Auburn University - Bachelor of Science
  • Photo of Paige Carothers
    Paige Carothers
    Teaching Assistant
    Sweet Briar College - Master of Arts
    Sweet Briar College - Bachelor of Arts
  • Photo of Brittney Caudell
    Brittney Caudell
    Literacy Specialist
    Georgia State - Master in Education
    Samford University - Bachelor of Arts
  • Photo of Acacia Kelly
    Acacia Kelly
    4th Grade Chair, Lower School Diversity Coordinator, Lead Teacher
    Johns Hopkins University - Master of Science
    University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill - Bachelor of Arts
  • Photo of Jessica Krauth
    Jessica Krauth
    Teaching Assistant
    Georgia State University - Bachelor of Arts
  • Photo of Sarah Kate Moody
    Sarah Kate Moody
    Math Resource Teacher
    Georgia State University - Master of Science
    Boston College - Bachelor of Arts
  • Photo of Ahreum Park
    Ahreum Park
    Lead Teacher
    University of Tennessee- Knoxville - Master of Education
    University of Tennessee - Knoxville - Bachelor of Science
  • Photo of Meghan Smith
    Meghan Smith
    Lower School Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator, Lead Teacher