Wesleyan's Response to COVID-19


We will begin the school year mask optional for all students in grades K-12 and all employees. However, we will continue to evaluate the situation on a daily basis, both within our school community as well as in our geographic area. If the spread and prevalence of the virus on campus dictates, it is possible we may need to change our current stance. The only exception is that masks are required on all buses as is required by federal and state mandates governing transportation, which includes school buses.

Contact Tracing

Due to recent changes in state department of health guidelines, we have been given greater latitude and flexibility in the area of contact tracing based on the conditions at our school. 
  • We will continue to engage in contact tracing when we become aware of a positive case. 
  • We will contact trace based on three feet of distance in all directions, reduced from a six-foot radius last year. This change is good news as we believe we will be able to achieve three feet of distance in most of our classrooms. We hope this will lead to a significantly smaller number of quarantined students than we experienced in the 2020-2021 school year. 

Close Contacts and Quarantine for Individuals Not Vaccinated for COVID-19

If you have been exposed to a positive case (friend, family member, etc.) by being inside of 3 feet for 15 cumulative minutes or greater within a 24-hour period, you are considered a close contact, and you should quarantine for a full 14-days. 
  • If you do not develop symptoms, you can reduce the quarantine to 10-full days.
  • If you do not develop symptoms and receive a negative COVID test on day 5 or greater, you can reduce the quarantine to 7-full days.
  • If you develop symptoms at any time during your quarantine period, you should get tested at that point, and you should revert to the 14-day quarantine period.
  • If you test positive during your quarantine period, you are now considered a positive case and should isolate 10-days from your onset of symptoms (or positive test, if asymptomatic).
See more at Georgia Department of Health Quarantine Guidance.

What if you have COVID?

If you have COVID, you are considered a positive case, and you should isolate for a full 10-days from the onset of your symptoms (or from your test specimen collection date if you did not have any symptoms); AND be fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication; AND until symptoms improve. A negative test does not end the isolation period.
  • You should notify any close contacts of yours during your infection period, which is 2-days before your onset of symptoms or your test specimen collection date if you did not have any symptoms.
  • If any of your close contacts are associated with Wesleyan, you should include that in your report to reportcovid@wesleyanschool.org.
  • Please keep in mind that the State Department of Health issues guidelines regarding the policies and procedures for confirmed positive cases and for those exposed to someone with a confirmed positive case, in the form of an administrative order, which has the force and effect of law. Wesleyan School is REQUIRED by law to follow these quarantine guidelines.

See more at Georgia Department of Health Isolation Guidance.

Additional Mitigation Strategies

Optional masks and contact tracing are a part of our layered mitigation approach, along with a continued emphasis on hand hygiene, maximizing distance between seats/desks in classrooms, enhanced and more frequent cleaning regimens throughout campus, splitting some large group events to increase spacing between students, adjusting HVAC systems to allow increased fresh air intake, replaced MERV-8 air filters with MERV-13 air filters for greater filtration levels, adjust energy wheels in HVAC systems to reduce contagion contamination, and installed plasma-based air scrubbers across campus HVAC systems.

Virtual Learning

Only students who test positive for COVID-19 or who are quarantined due to close contact will be eligible for virtual learning. Virtual learning will provide students with a live window into the classroom but will not be identical to last year’s virtual learning model. We want our teachers to be able to focus primarily on the students present in the classroom instead of recreating the classroom experience for virtual learners. Additional details about virtual learning can be found here.

Large Groups and Visitors to Campus

  • Powell Theater, Austin Chapel, Yancey Gym, and Dubose Dining Hall will all be utilized to maximize indoor spacing for large student group gatherings.
  • Masks are optional for parents/visitors on campus.
  • Parent conferences may be held in person or virtually.
  • Parents/campus guests may only visit campus if they are COVID symptom-free and socially distanced whenever possible.  
  • Parent groups/on-campus meetings/events will be subject to these criteria as well.