Wesleyan's Response to COVID-19

Wesleyan Community Pledge

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  • Community Pledge

    The best way for us to maintain a safe and healthy on campus environment is to work together as a community. The more each of us individually embraces the safety measures and guidelines below, not only on campus, but while we are away from campus, the greater the likelihood we will be able to maintain an on campus learning environment and do our part to limit the spread of COVID-19. This is a great way to live out the JOY (Jesus, Others Yourself) motto as these steps not only protect you but protect the people around you as well.

    We are asking all members of our community, including students, parents, and employees, to pledge to do your best to abide by these guidelines.

    Wesleyan Community Pledge
    As a member of the Wesleyan School community, we pledge to:
    1. Follow the screening guidelines provided by the school to monitor any symptoms of members of our family.
    2. Refrain from coming to campus and inform the school directly if your child or someone in your home is showing COVID-19 symptoms.
    3. Commit to taking our child’s temperature each morning.
    4. Notify the school of any potential exposures, symptoms, or positive COVID-19 test results in a timely manner, as outlined in the school’s protocols.
    5. Encourage children to observe and practice social distancing on campus and practice social distancing as a family whenever possible.
    6. Support the school’s policies regarding face coverings on campus and wear face coverings as a family, especially when adequate social distancing is not possible.
    7. Encourage children to commit to frequent hand-washing and sanitizing and commit to frequent hand-washing and sanitizing as a family.
    8. Cooperate with local, state, and federal agencies in contact tracing efforts.

Exposure and Positive Test Response Procedures

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  • COVID Symptom Checklist

    Closely monitoring the health of everyone in your household is an important way to keep the community healthy. Use this Daily Screening Checklist as needed.
  • COVID Exposure Guidelines

    To help you answer common questions about potential scenarios you or someone in your household could experience this school year, we have created COVID Exposure Guidelines.

    If you have COVID, you are considered a positive case, and you should isolate for a full 10-days from the onset of your symptoms (or from your test specimen collection date if you did not have any symptoms); AND be fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication; AND until symptoms improve. A negative test does not end the isolation period.

    • You should notify any close contacts of yours during your infection period, which is 2-days before your onset of symptoms or your test specimen collection date if you did not have any symptoms.
    • If any of your close contacts are associated with Wesleyan, you should include that in your report to reportcovid@wesleyanschool.org.

    Please keep in mind that the State Department of Health issues guidelines regarding the policies and procedures for confirmed positive cases and for those exposed to someone with a confirmed positive case, in the form of an administrative order, which has the force and effect of law. Wesleyan School is REQUIRED by law to follow these quarantine guidelines.

    If you have been exposed to a positive case (friend, family member, etc.) by being inside of 6 feet for 15 cumulative minutes or greater within a 24-hour period, you are considered a close contact, and you should quarantine for a full 14-days. 

    • If you do not develop symptoms, you can reduce the quarantine to 10-full days.
    • If you do not develop symptoms and receive a negative COVID test on day 5 or greater, you can reduce the quarantine to 7-full days.
    • Both the reduced 10-day and reduced 7-day quarantines require that you remain socially distant (6 feet or greater) and wear a mask when around people for the balance of the 14-day quarantine period.
    • Participation in extracurricular activities (including practices and rehearsals) cannot resume until the 14-day quarantine period is complete, even if you return to school after day 7 or day 10.
    • If you develop symptoms at any time during your quarantine period, you should get tested at that point, and you should revert to the 14-day quarantine period.
    • If you test positive during your quarantine period, you are now considered a positive case and should isolate 10-days from your onset of symptoms (or positive test, if asymptomatic) – see above “WHAT IF YOU HAVE COVID?”
  • Contact Tracing

    You may be contacted by a member of the school’s administrative team, the school nurses, or the department of health for additional information and details related to contact tracing.
  • Reporting

    If a student or an employee receives a positive COVID test, the individual or their parents should contact the school as soon as possible using the confidential email address reportcovid@wesleyanschool.org.
    When emailing reportcovid@wesleyanschool.org, please provide as much information as you can, including:
    • Last close contact date if you were exposed to someone.
    • Symptom onset date if you tested positive.
    • Test date (specimen collection) if you did not have symptoms but tested positive.
    • Test results date if you tested positive.
    • Where you were tested if you tested positive.

Screening Procedures, Safety Protocols, and Cleaning

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  • Face Coverings

    Lower School
    • Students should bring 2 face coverings each day. One should remain around their neck either in buff form or attached to a provided lanyard/clip. One should remain in their backpack.
    • Face coverings should come home each night to be washed or replaced with a clean one.
    • Face coverings may have designs and words but must be appropriate.
    • Face coverings are required when social distancing is not possible.
    • Face coverings are required in the hallway, during entry/exit of the building, some resource classes, and during small group work.
    • Face coverings are optional while students are stationary at their desk and during lunch, recess, and portions of P.E..
    Middle School
    • Students, employees, and campus visitors are required to wear face coverings when on campus, including in class.
    • Faculty members will look for opportunities to give students “face-covering breaks” throughout the day.
    • Face coverings may be Wesleyan-branded, solid colored, or have a simple design or logo provided it is appropriate for the school day. Face coverings may have red, white, and blue American flags.
    High School
    • Students, employees, and campus visitors are required to wear face coverings when on campus, including in class.
    • Faculty members will look for opportunities to give students “face-covering breaks” throughout the day.
    • Face coverings should be Wesleyan-branded or solid color face coverings, with an exception for red, white, and blue American flags.
  • Personal Hygiene

    One of the best things all of us can do to protect ourselves and others from the virus is to be committed to developing regular, consistent, personal hygiene habits: frequent hand washing/hand sanitizing and not touching one’s face.

    We will be more prescriptive with our lower school students in mandating this frequently throughout the day. Middle and high school students will be reminded of these practices in a variety of ways, including encouragement from classroom teachers, broadcasted announcements, and increased signage in classrooms and hallways.

    Additionally, we have more than doubled the number of free-standing hand sanitizer stations across campus. Each classroom on campus will have a pump bottle of hand sanitizer that will be checked and refilled each day.

    Finally, all bathroom soap dispensers on campus are hands-free.
  • Temperature Checks

    A two-tiered process will be in place for checking temperature.

    1. Families should take their child’s temperature each morning before leaving for school.
    2. Temperature scanning devices are installed at building entrances to continuously measures body temperatures of people entering the building.
    If an individual’s temperature is 100.4 or greater, they will not be allowed to attend or stay at school.
  • Social Distancing

    Health agencies and medical experts continue to recommend physical distancing as a mitigation measure in slowing the spread of the virus.  We have worked to optimize all of our classrooms and spaces on campus, identifying and removing non-essential furniture in an effort to create as much spacing of student desks in classrooms as possible. In middle and high schools where students are not self-contained in a classroom, substantial work has been done to create class sizes to reduce the number of students in each classroom to support our effort to space children as far apart as possible in each classroom. However, it is not possible to maintain 6’ distance between all students and faculty at all times.
  • Campus Cleaning

    We will continue with our detailed, daily cleaning regimen that we initiated in January, which includes the use of static foggers used to apply disinfectant to surfaces. This daily cleaning schedule includes doorknobs, desks, chairs, light switch covers, handrails, toilets, sinks, water fountains, tables, shelves, locker rooms, and buses. The areas that have frequent turnover (e.g., middle and high school classrooms), we are also leveraging some new solutions that have an extended effectiveness timeframe, even with constant rubbing and friction from usage. We spot check with testing equipment to help ensure cleanliness and effectiveness.

Instructional Models

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  • 100% Model: On campus instruction each day

    Students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade returned to school every day in person on January 6.

    Families will still be given the opportunity to select 100% virtual learning. See the virtual learning section below.
  • 50/50 Hybrid Model for High School

    Beginning January 6, high school students returned to campus in a 50/50 hybrid model. Divided into two groups alphabetically, students will alternate days for on-campus instruction and virtual instruction from home.

    The current plan is for the high school to remain in the 50/50 hybrid model through Friday, January 22.
  • OPTIONAL Virtual Learning Model

    The virtual learning model allows students to engage in online learning from home and will be available to all K-12 families who choose it, regardless of whether we are in the hybrid model or the 100% on campus model.

    • In lower school, a teaching assistant will teach and manage a cohort of virtual learners. Students will experience several live classes each day, participate in small group discussions, and connect with peers through social interactions. Teaching assistants will provide daily check-ins and logistical support.
    • In middle school and high school, students will join their classrooms virtually on the same schedule as students who have chosen to be on campus.
    • Wesleyan has invested in technology for each classroom that includes iPads mounted on mobile stands, enhanced audio devices for teachers, and video conferencing software with Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
    • Students choosing the virtual learning option can still participate in Wesleyan's extracurricular offerings.

Before and After School

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  • Before School

    Lower School

    • Before school care begins at 7 a.m. every morning except for Wednesdays. On Wednesdays, before care begins at 7:30 a.m.
    • Parent check-in will be on the porch of Warren Hall.
    • Students will be grouped and spaced out by grade in the cafeteria.
    • Students are asked to bring their own “play kit” from home. (e.g. books, puzzles, coloring books)
    • Electronic devices are not permitted.
    • We will utilize the playground often in the mornings before school.
    • Wednesday late arrival mornings began October 5. On Wednesday, lower school starts at 8:50 a.m. Carpool begins at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesdays.

    Middle School
    • Students arriving to campus before 7:55 a.m. will go to DuBose Dining Hall (5th/6th) or Powell Theater (7th/8th grade).
    • They will be dismissed to go to homeroom at 7:55 a.m. unless they are going to office hours which means they can leave DuBose/Powell at 7:45 a.m.. 
    • Late arrival Wednesdays begin the week of October 5. Classes begin for middle school at 8:45 a.m. on Wednesdays.

    High School
    • Late arrival Wednesdays begin the week of October 5. Office hours begin for high school at 8:50 a.m. and classes begin at 9:15 a.m. on Wednesdays.
  • After School and Extended Day

    Lower School
    • Students will be grouped by grade levels in the Bible room (kindergarten), Bowen Cafetorium (pre-first, first and second grade), and Dozier Library (third and fourth grade). These groupings will be dependent upon enrollment.
    • Groups will rotate between their room, outside, and the gym.
    • Parents will check in on the porch and students will be called to meet you.

    Middle School
    • We will offer extended day after school to all middle school students from 5th grade to 8th grade beginning at school dismissal.
    • Parents must communicate in advance if their child is going to Extended Day.
    • For more details, please contact Kelly Weatherly.

    High School
    Students should get picked up in carpool, ride the bus, or go to their extracurricular activity. Students should not leave or roam campus unsupervised.

Christian Life, P.E., Fine Arts, and Athletics

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  • Christian Life


    Lower School
    Students will attend Chapel in Bowen Cafetorium. To maintain social distancing, there will be five Chapel rotations, one chapel for each grade level.

    Middle and High School
    Chapel will be live streamed from Austin Chapel or pre-recorded, and students will watch it in their homerooms, Pack Groups, or virtually at home. When possible, groups of students (i.e. grade levels) may gather in person for chapel, but groups will be limited in size, will maintain social distancing, and will wear masks. 


    Middle School
    The previously scheduled 5th and 6th grade and 7th and 8th grade retreats have been postponed until the spring.

    High School
    Freshman Retreat has been postponed tentatively for the weekend of April 10.

    Mentor Groups, Pack Time, Discipleship Groups
    Small groups have begun in middle and high school. Where possible, social distancing is being maintained, outdoor meeting spaces are being used, and at all times face coverings are being worn. 

    At this time, lower school is not doing discipleship groups.

    Bible Studies
    Middle and high school Bible studies have begun or will be starting in the coming weeks. Social distancing is being maintained as much as possible. For specific details, please contact your grade chair. 

    Mission Trips
    Information will be forthcoming.
  • P.E. Classes

    Based off Shape America’s School Re-entry Considerations. 

    Class Activities
    Whenever possible, class activities will be conducted outside. Class activities will be designed to maintain social distancing. Floor markings such as tape/cones will be used to ensure social distancing for class activities.

    Face Coverings 
    Students will be required to wear face coverings for most inside activities. Students will be allowed to remove masks for outside activities where social distancing can be maintained.

    Locker Rooms/Student Dress 
    Students will not use locker rooms or dress out for PE. All students may bring an extra pair of athletic shoes for PE if they do not want to wear their uniform shoes.

    Teachers will limit the use of equipment and limit the number of students sharing equipment during a given class. Any equipment used will be cleaned between classes.
  • Fine Arts

    The Wesleyan Fine Arts faculty and staff, K-12, remains committed to providing our students with a quality fine arts experience while keeping them safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to following Wesleyan’s guidelines for masks and social distancing, students in fine arts classes can expect additional measures to ensure their safety.

    • Entry and exit protocols will be in place in each classroom, minimizing gathering at band lockers, folder cabinets, and art cubbies.
    • In visual arts, extra materials have been purchased to minimize shared supplies. Supplies that must be shared will be disinfected between classes.
    • Choral and band classes will utilize outside space for rehearsals and class when possible; choral groups will limit their singing to no more than thirty minutes at a time; band groups will utilize bell covers on instruments.
    • Theater students will continue to maintain social distancing during rehearsals and performances.
    While the Wesleyan performing arts schedule has been set for the 2020-2021 school year, we will remain flexible regarding the details of these events, always keeping student and patron safety as a top priority. Performances will look different this year, be it venue (outdoor, indoor), medium (live, streamed, pre-recorded, etc.), size (limited seating, shorter programs, etc.) and otherwise. We thank our parents and patrons for their patience as we work to provide creative and safe performing arts opportunities for our students during this time.

    Lower School Class Plays
    • We hope to have class plays this year.
    • We will not have a division-wide performance this fall.
  • Athletics

    Middle School
    As a member of the Georgia High School Association (GHSA), we will continue to follow GHSA recommendations and procedures for athletics.

    High School

    As a member of the Georgia High School Association (GHSA), we will continue to follow GHSA recommendations and procedures for athletics.


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  • Lunch

    Lower School
    • Students will rotate weekly between eating in the cafeteria and in the classroom.
    • Only one grade level will eat in the cafeteria at a time and students will be spaced 6 feet apart.
    • There will be no self-serve sandwich or salad bars.
    • Sage will provide hot menu items as well as salad and sandwich options.
    • Birthdays will be celebrated during your child’s recess time on the front porch of Warren Hall. The birthday treat should be individually wrapped for each child. Parents are invited to join.
    Middle School
    • Middle school students will be spread between two lunch locations. When possible, grade chairs will break grade levels into smaller groups to minimize time in line.
    • SAGE will serve hot items each day, vegetarian options, and pre-made sandwiches, salads, and sides for students to pick up.
    • There will be no self-serve stations.   
    • Students will still be able to receive second portions.
    High School
    • High school students will be spread between two lunch locations. When possible, grade chairs will break grade levels into smaller groups to minimize time in line.
    • SAGE will serve hot items each day, vegetarian options, and pre-made sandwiches, salads, and sides for students to pick up. 
    • There will be no self-serve stations.    
    • Students will still be able to receive second portions.  
    • Students will be permitted to bring their lunch, but there will not be tuition remission.
    • Lunch deliveries will not be allowed as we are limiting our visitors to campus each day.

Lockers, Hallways, Spirit Shop, Water/Snacks, and Phones

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  • Lockers

    Middle School
    Students will NOT have lockers this year so that they can easily transition between on campus learning and learning from home. Not having lockers will also minimize students gathering in the hallway. Students can continue to store bags for after school activities in designated areas.

    High School

    Students will NOT have lockers this year so that they can easily transition between on campus learning and learning from home. Not having lockers will also minimize students gathering in the hallway.  Students can continue to store bags for after school activities in designated areas.
  • Spirit Shop

    The preferred method of payment is preloaded house accounts or credit cards. 

    Middle School

    Breakfast: Middle school students may purchase breakfast from the Spirit Shop in the morning and then proceed to Dubose Dining Hall.

    After school: Middle school students will NOT be allowed in the Spirit Shop after school. Students staying after school are encouraged to bring a snack from home.

    High School

    Breakfast: High school students may purchase breakfast from the Spirit Shop and consume it OUTSIDE prior to entering any buildings.

    Lunch: Select items will be available via pre-order from the Spirit Shop and may be picked up by students for lunch.

    After school:  Select items will be available via pre-order from the Spirit Shop and may be picked up by students after school.

    Parent access
    Parents are allowed to visit the Spirit Shop via the door facing Scott Patio. Face coverings are required and social distancing must be maintained.
  • Water/Snacks

    Individual water bottles should be brought to school each day. Water fountains will only be used for refill opportunities.

    Middle school students are encouraged to bring an after school snack from home as they will not have access to the Spirit Shop after school for the time being.
  • Phones

    Middle School
    For students with phones: since students will no longer be able to store their phones in their lockers, we ask that students leave their phones at home if possible. If students bring their phones to school, grade chairs will collect them in the morning, and they will be safely stored throughout the day.

    High School
    The policy for phones is the same as listed in the 2020-21 Family Handbook.

Carpool and Bus Transportation

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  • Carpool

    Lower School

    • Face coverings must be on when students arrive and upon entry into the building.
    • At the end of the day, students will be dismissed in groups based on bus, aftercare, and carpool group.
    • Face coverings will be required during afternoon dismissal.

    Middle School
    • Students should get picked up in carpool/ride the bus, go to their extracurricular activity, or go to Extended Day. 
    • Students should not leave or roam campus unsupervised.
    • Face coverings must be on when students arrive and upon entry into buildings on campus.
    • Face coverings will be required during afternoon dismissal.

    High School
    • Students should get picked up in carpool/ride the bus or go to their extracurricular activity.
    • Face coverings must be on when students arrive and upon entry into buildings on campus.
    • Face coverings will be required during afternoon dismissal.
    • As high school students walk to their cars at the end of the day, face coverings must be worn unless they are walking alone.
  • Bus Transportation

    Wesleyan will continue to offer morning and afternoon bus service to students already registered for this service.
    • Bus drivers will take student temperatures before students will be allowed to board the bus in the morning.
    • Students must board the bus wearing a face covering and must wear the face covering for the entirety of the bus ride.
    • Bus driver temperatures will be taken before the start of a bus route.
    • Bus drivers will wear face coverings while taking student temperatures and for the entirety of the bus route.


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  • Visitors

    Lower School
    • There will be limited volunteer opportunities for parents.
    • Parent volunteers will be provided a specific check-in procedure.
    • Parents will be not able to attend lunch or chapel at this time.
    • Many opportunities will be virtual (e.g. mystery reader, Passport Club).
    • Parent conferences will be available on-campus or virtually, as needed.

    Middle and High School
    • There will be limited volunteer opportunities for parents.
    • Parent volunteers will be provided a specific check-in procedure. 
    • Parent conferences will be available on-campus or virtually, as needed.

Tuition and Tuition Insurance

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  • Tuition

    The Board of Trustees created and approved the budget for the 2020-2021 school year in December of 2019. This allows the school to communicate tuition for the upcoming school year to you at the time of re-enrollment in February. There are no plans to alter tuition for the 2020-2021 school year, regardless of the instructional model in which the school is engaged. The general idea behind refunding or discounting tuition is that virtual learning is of less value than an in-person experience and that schools save money when not operating with students on campus. The reality is that savings for schools like Wesleyan are nominal, as most campus operations must continue even when buildings are not occupied. The bulk of the school’s budget consists of the investment in teachers and staff through compensation, benefits, and professional development, and regardless of the instructional model, these costs do not decrease at all. Finally, preparing to open campus safely has been particularly expensive, easily consuming any potential savings and adding significantly to the expense side of our budget.

    For all of these reasons, the Board does not plan to issue tuition refunds if Wesleyan has to modify or discontinue in-person learning and transition to a virtual environment.
  • Tuition Insurance

    Tuition refund insurance is available for purchase through August 11 (the day before school starts). We encourage families who are considering the possibility of withdrawing to purchase tuition refund insurance. All families that are on Plan B (pay approximately 60% of tuition July 1 and 40% of tuition November 1) have already purchased tuition refund insurance.

    If a family is on Plan A (pay 100% of tuition by July 1), and has not already purchased tuition refund insurance, please contact Johnny Turner at jturner@wesleyanschool.org, and let him know that you would like to purchase the tuition refund insurance. You can check your Smart Tuition account to see if you have already purchased this insurance. The cost is $135 for Kindergarten, $155 for Prefirst through 4th grade, $180 for 5th and 6th grade, and $195 for grades 7 through 12. The benefit is 75% of the unused tuition.

    Please note, though, that a child must attend school for two weeks or ten school days to be eligible for the insurance. Distance learning is considered attending school.