Purchase Theater Tickets

Our ticket policy ensures that all Wesleyan families have the opportunity to attend each theater production that is performed during the school year.
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    • Purchase Tickets

      Purchase Tickets


  • Every Wesleyan student, faculty, and staff member will receive three free tickets to each show.
  • Please visit http://wesleyanschool.thundertix.com, to redeem your tickets and/or purchase additional tickets.
  • At checkout, enter your unique Wesleyan ID (all usernames are lowercase).
  • Enter the username three times to redeem a coupon code for your three, free tickets.
  • Additional tickets cost $10, and all proceeds go to support Wesleyan's theater department; no refunds are available for purchased tickets.
  • Five minutes before the show begins, all unclaimed tickets will be given away.
  • If online tickets are no longer available, please note that "walk up" tickets will be available starting 45 minutes before each show begins.