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Kelly Weatherly

Director of Auxiliary Programs

Extended Day for Middle School

Wesleyan seeks to develop in each young person a desire to learn and to become a good citizen in serving the local community and the world beyond. In an effort to promote spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social growth, we are offering personal development courses for Middle School students that will extend beyond the normal school day. Need to stay until 6:30pm?  Click here to register for aftercare.

Course Descriptions for Spring 2017

We are offering these programs for all Middle School students.
Our goal is to provide students with important life skills and practical application techniques.

Spring Classes:


Why Chess?

  •   Improves cognitive skills through calculation and memorization
  •   Allows for healthy and vigorous competition
  •   Personal growth and confidence
  •   Cherished memories and friendships
Our philosophy is to create an after school chess organization that will absolutely maximize your child’s enjoyment and potential. We know what it takes to be a nationally competitive scholastic player as well as how to create a fun learning environment for all children.

Spring Session is 8 weeks long and begins March 1, 2017





3:00pm - 4:30pm 

Extended Day in 2017

We welcome your class suggestions!