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Wed / Apr 05

HS Spring Play

7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Lencke Black Box Theater
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HS Spring Play

7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Lencke Black Box Theater

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The teachers and students taught me to always seek excellence and they always pushed me to further my art/creative career

Emily Worthington

 What year did you graduate from Wesleyan and where did you attend college?

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I graduated from Wesleyan in 2008 and then attended UGA to study Furnishings & Interiors through the College of Family and Consumer Sciences which specializes in residential design and specifically kitchen & bath design.

Why did you decide to study art?

I always loved art and knew that I wanted to do something that allowed me to get creative and have a little fun! After all, who wants to be behind a desk for their whole life!?!? Not this girl!!! I grew up watching my mom work as an interior decorator, and so I developed a love for fine things at a young age, but I knew that I wanted to do something a little different than picking out fabrics and furnishings. This lead me to kitchen & bath design! I love the idea of creating a design plan, handing it off to a happy client and contractor and then seeing my designs come to life!

EW Portfolio 6.jpg

How did Wesleyan help prepare you to study art in college?

Wesleyan definitely prepared me for college in more ways than I could even begin to acknowledge. The teachers, faculty, and students taught me to always seek excellence and they always pushed me to further my art/creative career. I feel that often times, it was others that saw a talent and potential in me and brought it to my attention. I can't tell you how many times Mr. Young came to me in the halls and asked what my latest project was. This interest from others really served to push me and encourage me to take my education and career in a path that would foster my creativity :) 

What do you enjoy most about studying art in college? 

In college, though there were countless long nights in the studio, it beat the heck out of a long night with my nose in a chemistry book! I loved being able to work in a casual setting, turn up my music, and let the creative juices flow! In the first couple of years of my program we worked alot individually as we developed hand drafting and rendering skills. We then transitioned to the computer where we learned AutoCAD and other computer design programs that would help us in the business world! By senior year we were working primarily on group projects that were set up to emulate professional projects with teams that included a designer, project manager, sustainability coordinator, and production director. We even had real clients from around Georgia! Our 3 main projects our last year were a Future Farmstead project in Tifton, Ga, the Georgia Grown Room at the GA Department of Agriculture in Atlanta, and a semi custom home design for a builder, Jared York Homes, in Athens, Ga. This was definitely the highlight! Working with real clients and seeing what we were capable of after 3-4 years of "training" and education!

What inspires you to do your personal artwork? 

I take most of my architectural and design inspiration from historical concepts. I love love love flipping though magazines and keeping up with the trends and then pushing myself to find a way to merge these historical concepts with modern applications. 

EW Portfolio 5.jpg 

What do you hope to do with your degree post-college? 

I have been so incredibly fortunate to have gotten a full time job post graduation. I interned with Studio Entourage and Linda MacArthur Architect last summer and they agreed to take me on full time back in April!   I actually started my own business, Emily B Worthington Interiors, and they have hired me as an independent contractor. I am so happy to have a job--a job that I love, where I can surround myself with beautiful things everyday! Wahooo! Praise the Lord! 

What are some of your accomplishments in college? 

I was a finalist in the National Kitchen and Bath Student Competition where I designed a complete set of plans and product specifications for an upscale master bath for a client in Chicago. Similar to this, I was selected as one of two students to represent my professor and UGA for the annual review requirement of student work performance per UGA's NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association) accreditation. The NKBA also selected me as a scholarship recipient for the Fall 2010 Student Charrette competition in which we designed kitchen plans and elevations within a quick 2 hour time frame! 

Is there anything you would like to share with students who have an interest in studying art in college? 

Words of wisdom for our baby wolves:

- Study abroad! I waited and went to Italy for a 3 hour photography class after my Senior year. Most students at UGA went after sophomore year--either way, get out there and see the world! As you know from Cortona, it's truly amazing!

- Get internships! I took the summer "off" before my freshmen year at UGA, but I had summer internships in between each year after that. My dad encouraged me to get jobs in different fields of design, even if I didn't think I was interested, just so I could get some clarity and experience in all sectors of design. Plus, you never know what internship will turn into full time employment :)

- Don't be afraid of persuing a career in a field that isn't known to be a "money maker". What's most important is that you can get up everyday and do what you love to do! The rest will take care of itself!

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