Extracurricular Activities


The mission of MATHCOUNTS is to increase enthusiasm for problem solving and to enhance achievement in middle school mathematics. MATHCOUNTS problems will challenge and inspire students to further develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills.

MATHCOUNTS meets on Friday mornings from 7:15am - 7:45am in Wesley Hall Room 150.  All 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students are welcome to attend.  Please contact Mrs. Cherie Schofield if you have questions.

Middle School Academic Bowl Team

Wesleyan’s Middle School Academic Bowl Team is a dynamic group which competes in round robin tournaments in the Atlanta area. Members are given the opportunity to display their grasp of science, math, English, sports, geography, current events, history, literature, and pop culture. Participants win points by correctly answering a series of toss-up questions and bonuses.

Our goal is to create an active learning environment that is kid-friendly and fun. All students have areas of special interest that make their knowledge valuable to the academic bowl team. We hope to inspire our students to enjoy a life-long love of learning.

The Academic Bowl team meets once per week all year long to prepare for our competitions. Please contact Dr. Pat McCoy for more information.

Middle School Newspaper

Extra! Extra! Read all about Wolfpost, the middle school newspaper! Wolfpost's talented and dedicated young journalists write articles and take photographs of the middle school’s current events. The paper is mostly student-driven and reflects the issues and experiences that are most important to middle school students.

Wolfpost is a semester-long commitment during which staff members will gain an in-depth understanding of how to layout, write, edit, and take photographs. Interested students should participate in various activities, have an appreciation for a good story, and be interested in photography. As a member of the Wolfpost team, students will have a hand in getting the latest news to their classmates and teachers!  

Wesleyan Wolves Television

WWTV, Wesleyan Wolves Television, is the Middle School live broadcast show. The Middle School students watch WWTV every morning during homeroom. On the broadcast we present the daily announcements and other interesting information. The following is the line-up of a typical WWTV broadcast.

WWTV Typical Line-Up
Special Announcements

The broadcast team changes monthly and consists of 10-15 Middle School students. Each team may consist of students from 5th through 8th grade. Each team member will hold 2 positions during their month of broadcasting. The positions for each team are listed below.

WWTV Positions
Asst. Director, Video Chroma key and Lighting
Graphics and Advance PowerPoint
Asst. Producer and Teleprompter
Camera Person
Pledge and Prayer Coordinator
Sound Coordinator
Weather and Birthday Buddy