Kindergarten - 2nd grade students participate in creative movement, imitating and creating rhythmic patterns on instruments as well as through body percussion. Emphasis is put on developing steady beat, developing listening skills and singing on pitch through simple music games an songs. The drum circle is vital to all grade levels.

3rd and 4th graders continue to expand their knowledge of the recorder. They become more aware of form and style in music. Their varied musical repertoire includes three part rounds, canons and partner songs. They create longer and more complex musical pieces using barred instruments, singing, recorders, movement and body percussion.

Music Performances

All lower school class plays are in Bowen Dining Hall at 8:05 am, unless otherwise noted. An updated schedule will be posted at the beginning of the school year. Visit the calendar for the latest dates.

Private Music Lessons

Piano and guitar lessons are available to students in Lower School. Additionally, voice lessons are available to qualified students. These lessons are typically held during school for the Lower School students, but there are also before and after school options. For further information contact Mrs. Tedi Zimmermann.