Passport Club

Passport Club is empowering Wesleyan first through fourth-graders to travel the world with Captain Core Virtue in a fun self-study geography program. Not only do students gain greater awareness of the world around them through this program, but students also have the opportunity to:

  • Choose their own pace, studying the location of 5, 10, 15 or 25 countries per month
  • Gain in-depth knowledge on one feature country per month through video and optional self-study
  • Be equipped with a passport, lanyard, study maps, and a t-shirt for the journey
  • Earn exciting rewards, including stamps for their passport, country flag pins for their lanyard, and world-market bucks for an end-of-the-year world market. Students visit “customs officials” one day each month during lunch to be tested.
  • Build on their progress each year!

The Wesleyan Passport Club's program concept, maps and itineraries are based on The Passport Club ©2014, Stillwater, MN.

Passport Club Contacts

Stephanie Powell
Laura Stickney
Dayna Thomson

Tuesday, September 27
Tuesday, October 18
Tuesday, November 15
Tuesday, December 13
Tuesday, January 31
Tuesday, February 28
Wednesday, March 29
Wednesday, April 19
Tuesday, May 9

Friday, May 17