High School

To our high school parents,

Wesleyan offers an exciting high school program designed to challenge students and build in each child an awareness of his or her individual gifts and talents. As a Christian school of academic excellence, our faculty members provide a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum designed for students with average to above-average academic ability. With a diverse set of course offerings, a one-to-one tablet program, and a wireless campus, students have significant resources and opportunities to explore their interests in a wide range of academic disciplines.
In addition, students have a full complement of co-curricular opportunities to become fully engaged in the Wesleyan community.

Ultimately, Wesleyan challenges and nurtures high school students with the hope of developing responsible citizens prepared to lead and serve in an ever-changing world.

Jeff Plunk, High School Principal

Academically, our goal is to prepare each student for the next step in his or her educational journey while cultivating a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. Students can choose from standard, honors, and Advanced Placement courses, as well as a full array of electives, thus providing each individual with an appropriate challenge. In all courses, students wrestle with ideas and are expected to think critically about the subject matter relative to the world they live in. The rigor of the curriculum is matched by Wesleyan's commitment to small classes and an advisor system that encourages the development of strong personal relationships between teachers and students.

Our goal for our high school students as they mature spiritually, academically, and socially is that they develop a healthy awareness of not only themselves but also of the world and communities in which they live. Our JOY motto - Jesus, Others, Yourself - exemplifies the mission of Wesleyan School, and we hope to instill in our students the understanding that they should ultimately use their talents in service of others.

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Jeff Plunk

High School Principal