Wesleyan's Peer Leadership program provides a unique opportunity for seniors to hone their skills as leaders and mentors, while giving freshmen a resource and role model as they begin their journey through high school. Relationships forged through Peer Leadership serve to strengthen the bonds of friendship and respect within and between high school classes.

Peer Leadership is a student-centered program in which 24 outstanding seniors - 12 boys and 12 girls -  are carefully selected and trained by a team of faculty sponsors to serve as mentors for all ninth graders.

Peer Leadership group sessions occur three times per month, with senior planning meetings held during a regular class period. These sessions range from friendly games to group discussions and role-play dealing with ninth grade and general adolescent issues. Attendance at the Peer Leadership Retreat, the Freshman Retreat, and Peer Leadership Night is a requirement for participation in this program.

Peer Leaders meet every day for a class period and meet with their freshmen groups during program time every Tuesday.

Prerequisite: Application process (Full-Year Course; Open to seniors upon acceptance)