Grade Chairs

Wesleyan's grade chairs serve as the first line of communication between parents and faculty in regard to academic, social and spiritual issues that affect students.
In addition, they coordinate grade-level activities and lead their respective grade-level team of teachers.

Lower School

Kindergarten | Pre-First Jessie Williams
F-Williams, Jessie.jpg
First Grade Claire Graham
F-Graham, Claire.jpg
Second Grade Anne Jackson
F-Jackson, Anne.jpg
Third Grade Jamie McNearney
F-McNearney, Jamie.jpg
Fourth Grade Sarah Kate Wilson
F-Wilson, Sarah Kate.jpg

Middle School

Fifth Grade
 Laura Archer
F-Archer, Laura.jpg
Sixth Grade Girls Laura Siron
F-Siron, Laura.jpg
Sixth Grade Boys Justin Krueger
F-Krueger, Justin.jpg
Seventh Grade Girls Emily Sayle
F-Duffus, Emily.jpg
Seventh Grade Boys Dean Jackson
F-Jackson, Dean.jpg
Eighth Grade Girls Ann Marie Hanlon
F-Hanlon, Ann Marie.jpg
Eighth Grade Boys Lee Rider
F-Rider, Lee.jpg

High School

Ninth Grade Girls Ashley Stainback
F-Stainback, Ashley.jpg
Ninth Grade Boys Josh Smith
F-Smith, Josh.jpg
Tenth Grade Girls Emily Zavitz
F-Zavitz, Emily.jpg
Tenth Grade Boys Matthew Means
F-Means, Matthew.jpg
Eleventh Grade Girls Knoxie Roche
F-Roche, Knoxie.jpg
Eleventh Grade Boys Chris Yoder
F-Yoder, Chris.jpg
Twelfth Grade Kendra Morris
F-Morris, Kendra.jpg